Bear's Paw King Catcher in the Rye necklace - Steel

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Bear The conifers of an impenetrable forest mingle with the scent of wet stone and soil. A human figure wanders in the dark forest. The moon shimmers in the dark blue sky, striking silvery shafts of light among the sleeping fern bushes. The figure pauses. A last paw print. He is followed them all night, sensing the presence of wolves, foxes, and kyis lurking in the shadows of the mustard thorns. But now he is there. He looks up and sees before him a huge stone, decorated with paintings. In the moonlight, the stone would appear to have the face of an ancient bear. To the stone is sacrificed to the is at the same time feared and coveted. The figure kneels. "I don't know why I was shown the magical tracks among the crows, but I left the warmth of my sheath and the people rejoicing in the song and followed them. Now here I am. May your will be done," he says. Meanwhile, a strange light flashes on the surface of the stone. The figure steps boldly closer. A pendant, he realizes. It is silver, and in its centre is the seal of the four-fingered ruler's beard, the paw print. The figure raises the jewel to his neck. He knows. He is chosen to carry the bear's people.

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Northern Viking Jewelry Bear Cuckoo pendant with an elegant King Chain necklace. The pendant and chain are made of durable 316L Steel.

Pendant dimensions:

  • Height: 5,3 cm (Without Link)
  • Width: 4,3 cm (without Loops) Width: 4,3 cm
  • Weight: 61 g
  • Material: 316L Kirurg steel
  • 316L stainless steel

Chain dimensions:

  • Thickness 0,6 cm
  • Length: 60 cm
  • Weight: 82 g

The pendant and chain are delivered in a unique Northern Viking Jewelry jewelry bag.

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