Vegvisir beard ring - Steel

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Vegvisir: A powerfully decorated ship is waiting in the harbour. Sun is The sun has dyed the sea orange. The air smells of sweat and tar, beer flows in the sea-air dampened leather plates. Village jeweller is again sweating in his dark forge, and as a noisy band of Viking warriors board the ship, the blacksmith hands them the Vegvisir, a rune compass. "If the stars and fish currents lead you astray, the Vegvisir will guide you through the storms and traps. It knows your destination, even if you wander in the fog," he says.

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Northern Viking Jewelry-beard ring is made of durable 316L Steel.

Beard dimensions:

  • Height: 1,3 cm
  • Hole diameter 0,7 cm
  • Material: stainless steel

Instructions for putting on a beard:

  • Wet the beard well, e.g. using a spray bottle.
  • Use a spray bottle to wash the beard.
  • Finish the braid e.g. with a silicone rubber band (silicone does not eat the beard).
  • Slip on beard ring through the braided beard. (If the braid is thin you can put a silicone ring under the braid to create friction).

beard ring Supplied in a unique Northern Viking Jewelry jute bag. The jewelry comes with a small booklet featuring Northern Viking Jewlery® jewelry and jewelry stories.

The beard comes with 2 pieces of silicone rubber bands. You can use the rubber band to finish braiding the beard or use the rubber band underneath the beard to create friction to help the jewellery stay in place.

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