Ukonvasara By Johan Thorolf necklace - Steel

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Ukonvasara: Ukonvasara (Ukko's Hammer) or Ukonkirves is a very powerful Finnish symbol. At the same time, it is also the symbol of the is It is also the equivalent of the Scandinavian Thor's hammer. With his weapon, the old man, the supreme god, dispensed justice and struck lightning blows. The symbol is the hammer of the thunderer is ambiguous: edge down it resembles a boat, turned up it looks like a hammer and horizontally it resembles an axe. The moon shimmers in the dark blue sky. The ferns sway in the wind. A group of hikers travel deep into the twilight forest, amidst ancient oaks and pines. Suddenly, the leader of the group stops and raises his hands in the air. The group stops, and the sound of footsteps ceases. All that can be heard in the night is the distant hooting of an owl. The man sneaks past the beaks, touches the trunk of a broken tree. Raises his eyes to the charcoal-blackened canopy. He circles the tree, caressing the bark with his hand. Feels the deep grooves in the rough surface. The man bends down and looks at the grooves, revealed by the moonlight: 'The hammer of the beast. He is ...has been here." At the same time, the furrows flash into flame. In the distance, a giant thunderclap can be heard. The night sky flashes, revealing the shadowy Korpitienoo and the fells that lurk beyond.

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Northern Viking Jewelry pendant with a stylish Rolo Link chain. The pendant and chain are made of durable 316L steel.

Pendant dimensions:

  • Height: 4,5 cm (without link)
  • Width: 4,3 cm (without loop)
  • Weight: 19 g
  • One side brushed steel, smooth
  • Material: 316L Kirurg steel
  • 316L stainless steel, with a 0.45 cm thick chain from the pendant link

Chain dimensions:

  • Thickness 3 mm
  • Length: 55cm

Pendant and chain are delivered in a unique Northern Viking Jewelry®-Jute bag. The jewellery comes with a small booklet featuring Northern Viking Jewlery® jewellery and the stories behind the jewellery.

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