Anchor chain + Viking Spear necklace - Steel

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The Vikings were skilled spearmen. is It is said that they were able to throw spears from both hands simultaneously, as well as catching them in flight and returning them with deadly effect. The main weapon of the Viking god was the spear (gungnir ) which always hit its target. The oath sworn by the gungnir could not be broken by anyone.

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Pendant dimensions:

  • Height: 5,6 cm
  • Width: 1,7 cm
  • Weight: 14 g
  • Material: 316L Kirurg steel

Chain dimensions:

  • Length 60 cm
  • Width 0,6 cm
  • Material: 316L Kirurg steel
  • Weight: 30g

The pendant and chain are delivered in a unique Northern Viking Jewelry® jute bag. The jewellery comes with a small booklet featuring Northern Viking Jewlery® jewellery and jewellery stories.

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