Algiz Axehead necklace - Steel

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Algiz is a sign believed to protect against curses, intruders and other hostile forces from outside. One assumption is is that it was is deer antlers, a deer head preparing to stamp, or a protective and blessing hand with the fingers on the shoulder. So it was not uncommon for runes to decorate weapons to bring good luck and protection in battle. Thor's hammer. A warrior king and his men sit in a semicircle around the blind storyteller of a village. The king takes Thor's pendant from around his neck and hands it to the storyteller. "Tell us of the struggle of Thor, son of Odin, so that my men may be encouraged," says the king. The storyteller takes the jewel and closes his eyes. "I will see it all again and tell it as it happened. is. Thor, son of Odin, sailed these seas with his men. Their ship reached the open sea, and the waves ran the height of great chariots. Suddenly the sky was still, and so were the sea and the waves. The sea was like newly blown glass. Then everything boiled, the sun was darkened, and out of the depths of the sea emerged Midgårdsormen, a great serpent, which wrapped its huge body around the ship. The men fearlessly clutched their swords, but the most fearless of them all was Thor, who took his hammer to Mjölner. As he took up his weapon, Thor shouted words of power, and suddenly the sky darkened and there was lightning everywhere, and all the powers of heaven and storm were in his, Thor's, power. With great thunder Thor struck the serpent and made of its skin the armour of his men. The power of Thor is in this jewel. Wear it proudly and fearlessly."

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Algiz-Rim at the top of the pendant. The pendant and chain are made of durable 316L steel.

Pendant dimensions:

  • Height: 4,3cm
  • Width: 2,9 cm
  • Weight: 17 g
  • Material: 316L Kirurg steel
  • 316L stainless steel

Chain dimensions:

  • Thickness 3 mm
  • Length: 55cm

Pendant and chain are delivered in a unique Northern Viking Jewelry® jute bag. The jewellery comes with a small booklet featuring Northern Viking Jewlery® jewellery and the stories behind the jewellery.

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