The beard is the main thing

Turning looks

It can be seen from the face, how you take care of your beard! If everyday life is hard, make sure if you dive into the asphalt, do it with style!

There are men, who turns the socks and boxers. And there are also men, who turns the looks even by walking into the room. It´s not because of that intoxicating scent in the air from the turned boxers, it´s the look when beard is perfectly taken care of.

Get yourself products that will help you succeed!

Partawa Kuoleman kuiskaus partaöljy - 30ml

Deadly Whisper beard oil

Turmion Kätilöt takes beard matters seriously and the Deadly Whisper is, as its name suggests, a deadly good beard oil. It combines the spiciness of heavy music and a fresh breeze from the meadows of the north. This Partawa product is made from natural ingredients and its vitamin E and Argan take care of your skin as well. The Deadly Whisper gets its scent from cinnamon, chamomile and clove - this oil is exceptionally excellent!

Partawa Hiussuihke Texture Tonic - 100ml

Hairspray texture tonic

Texture Tonic is Daimon Barber´s texture and volyme spray. This spray doesn´t leave hair too dry like traditional salt sprays, but gives you great styling properties for your hair. At the same time, the spray is yet matte! Contains Kahai Nut oil with over 50% more vitamin E than Argan oil, so this product also takes care of your hair.

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