It happened in a funny way that we got stuck here at the warehouse to work alone when the bosses went to Mexico for a vacation! Nice... What do teens do when their parents are away? Well, rebel and throw a party, of course!

Because Disturb turns thirteen years old! Teenage years, here we go!!

Let´s imagine the scenario: parents are packing their sunscreen, floaties and swimsuits (hopefully Pete remembers his swimsuit) and heading towards warm Mexico, leaving the teens (in our case, the employees) in the cold winter up north. Show of hands, who would like to switch places right now?

The team then pondered: when the cat´s away, the mice will play! So, we decided to throw a little party!

- Yeah! Great idea! That way, the customers will realize they need everything when they can buy things at really affordable price! We held a quick, 3,5 hour emergency meeting in the break room and devised a brilliant plan. Let´s do a top-secret #atworkalone -campaign, where all prices are frozen for at least a week. Who said there can´t be hot action in the winter chill? While the bosses are away, we´re going to show that we know how to make sales and if we can´t eat cake, then we´ll eat sales margins. Let´s get started!!

And I have to say that this kind of move is a great way to celebrate birthdays and thank YOU, our customers! Thank you for choosing us! Let´s party!

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